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Video Valour© Explained.

Our video communications options are deployed via two packages:

Video Valour©
This is our Free option for a video communications concept. For this option, we would provide you with a concept for a commercial, making sure, that the 'message' encoded into your commercial grabs the attention of your target audience.

Video Valour© Script
With this option, we will write for you a Full Script for either a Television/ YouTube commercial or a Music video. We use modern marketing strategies for our commerical scripts with audience, attention and 'positive spin' as priorities (with a mix of slight or drastic 'shock value' :)

Video Valour© Commerical Script - $300
Video Valour© Music Video Script - $500

We will also communicate with the production team, pre-production, to discuss any questions or direction for deploying the script!

Idea for Commercial?

Brandom Concepts© - Platforms


We will discuss with you the potential 'look and feel' of your company.  We will explore how a strategic look might be absorbed based on demographics, and, get the Right
Brandom Concept© for you!

Broadcast(Video/ Audio)

We also offer Free video and audio concepts. Audio Aupera© is free copy for the Radio/ Podcast platforms.
Video Valour© is free copy for the YouTube/ Television platforms.

Social Media(Facebook)

We offer a Free social media (Facebook) strategy for your business via our Social Satire© option.

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Interested in Facebook Events?

Events could include designing a Live Logo, giving a Tip on business just being Brandom and Silly:)