Brandom Concepts© Explained.

Brandom Concepts are 100% Free. We develop for you the concept behind your brand. This would include collateral such as: concept for logo (not the design itself), slogan, broadcast copy (audio and visual), social media strategy, and, help tailor your identity to be aligned with your consumer base.

Each 'new' Brandom customer will have an option of any Two Brandom Concepts©.
The options would be:

  • Brandom Concept©
  • Video Valour©
  • Audio Aupera©
  • Social Satire©

There is No obligation to have your design or production work carried out by us. You can get two amazing concepts from us and then be on your way if you wish. (but we do hope you stick around:)

Start Exploring

Brandom Concepts© - Platforms


We will discuss with you the potential 'look and feel' of your company.  We will explore how a strategic look might be absorbed based on demographics, and, get the Right
Brandom Concept© for you!

Broadcast(Video/ Audio)

We also offer Free video and audio concepts. Audio Aupera© is free copy for the Radio/ Podcast platforms.
Video Valour© is free copy for the YouTube/ Television platforms.

Social Media(Facebook)

We offer a Free social media (Facebook) strategy for your business via our Social Satire© option.


Give us a call:)

Interested in Facebook Events?

Events could include designing a Live Logo, giving a Tip on business just being Brandom and Silly:)