Audio Aupera©

Audio Aupera© Explained.

Our audio communications options are deployed via two packages:

Audio Aupera©
This is our Free option for an audio communications concept. For this option, we would provide you with a concept for a commercial/ podcast, making sure, that the 'message' encoded into your commercial grabs the attention of your target audience.

Audio Aupera© Extended
This option would deploy a complete commercial/ production. We would develop a concept and strategy for your commercial, record and mix (edit). We would export for you any and all formats needed (ie. WAV, MiDi, AVI, etc.)

NOTE: In most cases, we do not provide talent (actors/actresses). In some cases, we may offer talent services depending on the nature and extent of the production.

15 second production: $600
30 second production: $850
60 second production: $1000
** varying durations can be quoted more thoroughly

We always strive to 'match' the mood and intensity of your target audience, whether, that be via tone of speaker, audio effects, music bed or just a great combination of all.  Contact us for details and direction....or just for that Awesome idea:)

Idea for Commercial?

Brandom Concepts© - Platforms


We will discuss with you the potential 'look and feel' of your company.  We will explore how a strategic look might be absorbed based on demographics, and, get the Right
Brandom Concept© for you!

Broadcast(Video/ Audio)

We also offer Free video and audio concepts. Audio Aupera© is free copy for the Radio/ Podcast platforms.
Video Valour© is free copy for the YouTube/ Television platforms.

Social Media(Facebook)

We offer a Free social media (Facebook) strategy for your business via our Social Satire© option.

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Events could include designing a Live Logo, giving a Tip on business just being Brandom and Silly:)