Our Mission

Our brand and concept development is completely Free. It's not 'kinda' free, it is 100% Free! For example, if 'Larry' from Larry Corporation comes to us and needs an idea for his brand, well, he is gonna get one (or many), and, he has no obligation to have his Logo or any graphic, web or video work undertaken by us! (though Larry would be in great hands if he did)

My name is Lenny Vineham and being creative is a natural part of who I am. For the past 8 years, I have been a college instructor in the field of graphic design and multimedia, and, at some point over the past 5 years, let's say, I realized that I have an Insatiable need and an Unstoppable ability to generate concepts, to create 'brands'.

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In a sense, I have been 'trained' to generate concepts! Let me explain...for students in almost any field of study, there is generally this unavoidable 'pressure' to produce results, and, in the case of graphic design students, this pressure results in a 'creative block'. Who do you think picks up the creative slack? Yes, I am the one, Blurting out idea after idea (to student after student sometimes), with 15 minutes left on the clock!

I have 21 years experience in graphic design, 17 years experience in web design, 20 years experience in video production and 1024 headaches(and counting)! So I've stayed busy:)

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Now...I want to harness that ability and experience into that One idea that makes you say “Yes, that is my Brand!”

I am so confident about my ability to produce the Right results that Brandom Concepts© are 100% Free....No Obligations!

I care about People and I care about Brands. Let's do this Right!

Lenny Vineham
Owner and Guinea Pig
Brandom Consulting

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Why Choose brandom

...because we Care about doing things Right!

  • Dedicated to Creativity.
  • Business-Goals orientated.
  •     20+ years Experience.
  • Client Values at heart.
  • Industry-Appropriate mindset.
  • A Genuine Joy to Brand.


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