Our collective Terms of Service are listed below.

Brandom Consulting, Brandom Domains is hereafter known as 'the company' :::
All services, paid or complimentary, are hereafter known as 'project' ::: (singular)
Terms agreed upon for the 'project' scope (given to client in Invoice form; paid or complimentary) are
hereafter known as an 'agreement' :::
A person/ group of people/ business that obtains a 'project' from 'the company' is hereafter known
as 'the client' :::
Any files, images, documents, discs, USB drives, or any other resources agreed upon as belonging
to ‘the client’ are hereafter referred to as the 'material', 'materials' :::
The release of final format(s) to 'the client' in accordance with a 'project' completion is hereafter
known as 'file release' :::

We ‘the company’ agree to complete a ‘project’ once the 50% down payment has been made in accordance
with the 'agreement’ of the 'project’.

'File Release' will occur once final payment has been received. Any 'material' will be given back
to 'the client' upon 'project' completion if applicable/ desired.

Any materials belonging to 'the company' are Copyright and may not be re-distributed without permission.

An 'agreement' can only be modified if 'the client' and 'the company' agree on the revised scope
of a 'project'. Modifications can only occur during the 'project'. Modifications after a 'project' 'agreement'
would be classified as a separate 'project'.

Payments made on behalf of a 'project' can be processed through our PayPal© merchant.

Any and all contact information associated with 'the client' will be kept strictly confidential by
'the company' and will not be re-distributed.

'The company' is, in no way, involved in the patent process(es).
'The company' does, in no way, offer business loans applicable to business development.

The resource links provided on 'the company' website are stand-alone, and, are provided
as resource material.

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