For your graphic design needs, Brandom has a combined experience of 25+ years.


For any graphic design specification, one of the top priority goals should always be that of relevance. A design needs to speak volumes for the messages that your brand portrays.

As mentioned above, we have 25+ years of experience with all formats, digital and traditional.

Check out some of our Portfolio examples below...

We design all standard and major formats including:

  • Logos - the visual identity of your brand
  • Business Cards - as essential as a handshake
  • Brochures - bifold, trifold, larger formats
  • Flyers - variety of sizes, Newsletters as well
  • Posters - advertise your event
  • Social Media Graphics - sized to match channel specs
  • Web Graphics - web and mobile graphics
  • Magazines - catalogues, annuals, semi-annuals
  • More...have a requirement? Just ask.

Graphic Design in Saskatoon


The following are some of our sample work that we have designed over the years. Get a feel for our design style, and, we look forward to helping you reach your design goals.

Social Media

Social Media

Print Design

Print Design

Print Design

Print Design

Print Design

Web Graphic

Print Design


Here is a price list for our most common design formats.

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- print and digital formats
- up to 5 unique concepts
- various sizes


- 3.5"x2" standard business card
- custom design, both sides

Add Logo, $219

Brochure design (Trifold) :::
- standard Trifold design, 11" x 8.5"
- custom, dual-sided, 6-section

Accordion design (4-fold) :::
- 4-fold, 14" x 8.5"
- custom, dual-sided, 8-section

Small Poster design :::
- 4"x6" up to 8.5"x14"
- 8.5"x11" is a common standard
Add Logo, $209

Large Poster design :::
- 11"x14" up to 24"x36"
- 24"x36" is a storefront window standard
Add Logo, $239

Magazine Layout + Cover page :::
- Minimum 12 pages
- Standard 8.5" x 11" (can be converted to booklet)
$50 per additional page

Newsletter/ Menu Layout :::
- Digital and Print formats
- Custom design, both sides
- 8.5"x14" or smaller format

- Book Cover Design
- Banner Design
- DVD Cover Design
- Name Tags
- Billboard Design
- Invitation Design (wedding, other)
- Seating Chart Design (wedding, other)
- all above + additional formats not listed require custom quote

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