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Our focus here at Brandom Digital Marketing is results. Starting from establishing your business objectives, onto, setting up a digital strategy for the specific customer journey that your business thrives on.

We are not a corporation, and in that sense, we strive for more than just auto-pilot. We deliver results because we are attentive to daily factors that will keep your budget optimal.

Some of these considerations include keywords (negative keywords), click-fraud observation (and prevention), A/B testing, and conversion tracking.

Business Objective...

Attribute Success Model...

Find Data That Converts...

Optimize and Repeat.


Our lead marketer is Lenny Vineham. He comes to us with a solid background in the automotive industry. His proven track record on such items as click-fraud mitigation, geo-fencing, ad scheduling, and overall campaign management sets him apart in an auto-pilot industry.

Google Measurement | Google Search

Mr. Vineham, additionally, has a background in education with 11 years' experience as a college instructor in the fields of marketing and graphic design. He holds dearly, the values of leadership, transparency, and accountability.

One of our long-term goals is to make a positive impact in the world, through this industry. We would like to, someday, support a number of non-profit/ green initiatives in an effort to expand and lift the messages that matter most.
The lead success model that we utilize is that of Google Ads Search campaigns.
Businesses can advance to Performance Max campaigns once performing data shows consistent success.

In a practical sense, anyone can throw money into a campaign, get traffic, and see 'results'. So many, though, ask the question "Why aren't my results profitable?" In many cases, it is not the right traffic.

Check out our Ad Plans which highlight various functionality, specific to budget and existing digital footprint.

For a campaign to be optimal, you must first find traffic that converts. This conversion can be a phone call, a lead form submission, an online purchase, an app installation, or a specific page view. The nature of conversions as they relate to your business all depends on how they are attributed to your business objectives. If a phone call is considered of higher value than a lead form submission, this would be preset for that google campaign (as an example).


For any campaign, whether it be digital or traditional, the keys to success almost always rely on having the right audience at the right time see your product/ service at a competitive price.

When speaking directly about digital advertising, our focus should be to reach our consumers on a semi-personal, mass level whereby they experience a strong sense of trust in our brands via a responsible, reliable digital footprint.

Sounds complicated, right? Well it can be, but this is why companies hire digital managers to help them reach their digital goals.

Our Approach

Our approach centers around being creative with data, while, remaining in proximity to that base, converting data (which has already harvested success). As well, placing ourselves, in the position, of the potential consumer allows ad spend and messaging to be optimal as we examine the digital triggers, touch-points, and behaviours of consumers. Additionally, we consider strategies for mitigating click-fraud from competitors which helps to protect ad budgets.

Progress must be measurable in order to track what success looks like for your business model. Measuring success is sustaining success.

Demand Gen - NEW

With Demand Gen, your best-performing video and image assets are integrated across the visual, entertainment-focal touchpoints. These refer to YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover and Gmail. Ask about how Demand Gen can catapult your historical champion data!

Saskatoon Graphic Designers

We have been goto graphic designers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for quite some time now. Though we have clients throughout North America, it is Saskatoon where we lay our boots down.

A successful digital advertising campaign needs to consider the Customer Journey, the four main parts are:

  • Awareness - storytelling around the brand, general search terms
  • Consideration - brand attributes or product value proposition
  • Purchase - branded search terms, influenced users ready to buy
  • Loyalty - upsell, specific offers, email re-marketing

Digital Advertising, Saskatoon


The following are our four plans we have set out for your google ads experience. We have additionally highlighted other services that we offer in conjunction, or, as stand-alone services.



Web Hosting



Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have a list of our most frequently requested information.
Have a question for us?
Please email lennyvineham@hotmail.com

Though there are many digital marketing companies out there, our biggest asset is our effort. I've watched numerous corporate affiliates become complacent in their efforts, resulting in a loss of reputation. We have the knowledge to help you suceed, the effort comes naturally as a result of an 'honest day's work' mentality.

Additionally, we adapt and progress. Our work intregrating Performance Max into workflows is seamless, and, we are ready to use your existing data as the super seeds of success!

Yes. If you do not already have a google ads account, we will set it up for you via your google account, then, show you a few quick steps to add us as a manager. You will have the ability to monitor your google ads account if you so wish to. Transparency, what a warm and lovely word.

The standard, and recommended, method is to use credit card. Google Ads will generally bill monthly, unless, you ask them to bill you after a certain budget has been reached.

We would have you enter your billing information directly through your google account to maintain privacy, and, for your peace of mind. As a manager of your account, our access would be set to not include billing details.

Performance Max campaigns, in a sense, are smart campaigns. They can generate brilliant results through machine learning, but, are only as good as the data that feeds these types of campaigns.

It is our recommendation to have 4-6 months of performing data (converting data) before upgrading to a plan that includes Performance Max, otherwise, the Pmax campaign will most likely not correctly learn how to support your campaign goals.

Yes. We can install the Google Tags directly onto your website for you, and, this task is included with all plan options.

No, not at all. We believe in earning your trust, and in that sense, you should not have to commit to a lengthy term until you are comfortable with the results we generate.

Term contracts are required in Year 2, though, clients may commit to 3, 6, or 12-month contracts in Year 1 if they wish to do so.

The Customer Journey is important because this is a time-proven, marketing 101 strategy that should stand as a foundation for any and all marketing campaigns. When applying the Customer Journey to a digital strategy, the individual phases can be traced via data, and, indicate areas for improvement/ focus.

For those that are advancing to a Performance Max campaign, ask us about the 24 Hour Customer Journey!

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